European Quantum Technology Summer School

July 8, 2024
July 12, 2024

Are you ready?

To dive into the fascinating world of Quantum Technologies? The European Quantum Technology Summer School welcomes you to Strasbourg from July 8th to 12th. This exceptional opportunity is specifically designed for Master's level students who are passionate about quantum technology and its groundbreaking applications.

What will you discover?

Selected students will immerse in a comprehensive program covering:

  • Exploring Quantum Technologies: Delve into the realms of quantum computing, communication, sensing and key enabling technologies through sessions led by renowned experts.
  • Interactive Exchanges: Engage in presentations from innovative start-ups, participate in lively discussions, and seize networking opportunities.
  • Personal Development: Hone your collaboration and intercultural communication skills, essential assets for your future.

Participation and Engagement

We invite 50 motivated students for this educational and enriching experience. 

Registration, travel and hotel fees will be fully covered. The deadline for the application is on May 6th 2024 AT 14:00 CET. 

More information about the enrollment, requirements and the registration procedure, you can find in the PDF below.

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Strasbourg: Quantum Science Hub

Strasbourg, located in eastern France, is a unique European capital known for its significant cultural and institutional presence.

Strasbourg offers an international environment enriched by key European institutions. At its core is the University of Strasbourg, dating back to 1538 and renowned for its contributions to quantum research, underscored by its association with five Nobel laureates.

The European Center for Quantum Sciences at the university epitomizes innovation in quantum research and application. It engages in multidisciplinary projects, fosters wide-ranging collaborations, and supports technology transfer and startup growth. A key feature is its advanced quantum computing platform with over 400 atomic qubits, propelling research and education in quantum technology.

For European Quantum Summer School attendees, Strasbourg combines historical significance with cutting-edge quantum science, offering an enriching learning experience.

What is the Quantum Campus?

The European Quantum Campus represents a growing number of leading hubs where quantum R&D takes place, where people can meet and work on the next milestones for the young quantum economy. This initiative started with the trilateral collaboration between France, Germany and the Netherlands; but is open to additional partners as we grow the ecosystem across Europe.

In the coming months, we will place more information about hubs and joint projects on this website

This initiative is led by:

Each organization brings unique expertise, collectively enhancing quantum technology education and innovation across these European nations.